Bold Media LLC is proud to have developed and utilize the most technologically advanced mail deployment systems in the industry. This results in your mail being fully delivered to the targeted market you selected. Your representative will counsel you with regard to your ad copy, while our Tech Team scores your ad for filters. Bold Media LLC goes the extra mile to ensure you the maximum benefits of your marketing campaign.

At Bold Media LLC, we understand the importance of high match rates. Our append database consists of over 105MM with full access to an additional 85MM postal. To accommodate your needs, these files can be matched individually or via household. Safe and secure, your data is fully protected. Welcome letters per your specifications can be shipped as a two-step process affording you with a hassle free delivery. Additionally, our technical staff can provide you with files returned in a multitude of formats suited to your exact needs. 

Our skilled consultants will guide you through various methods to generate leads that result in profits for you. From Apparel to Vacations, Bold Media LLC offers quality leads delivered and formatted based on your specific criteria.

Drive traffic to your site with dramatic results. Simply inform us of the fields/information required and we'll format and deliver the data per your specific requirements. Bold Media LLC eliminates all the headaches and worry while you sit back and yield the profits.

Targeted data and proprietary technology enables Bold Media LLC to reach the audience you are looking for. To further compliment this process, Bold Media LLC is able to manage the surveys for you offering you convenient access in a time-effective manner. With our rich demographic and lifestyle selects, we can broadcast your eSurvey and get you the results you need.

Enhance your customer base via direct mail. By utilizing our targeted audiences, you can zero-in on your clients using demographics, geographics and psychographics. By micro-targeting your core audience, your message is delivered ONLY to those who have expressed an interest in your product or service.


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